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Fugues in the Key of F and E

mecurial musings and art of an incompletely nonsensical INTJ

Fox Estacado
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Keyword: Dissociation
fugues in the key of f and e.

Welcome. Be prepared to have your senses assaulted by perverted application of poetry and various fandoms (The X-Files, House M.D., Harry Potter, and some other doomed subjects of miscellaneous frivolities). This journal is the homing beacon of my original icons, graphics, as well as my original art, photography, crafts, and painting/drawings. Please take a look at my Memories and Tags for my icons and other graphics & fine arts work. These are my oysters. Feel free to eat, but beware their mercurial nature. Enjoy. Letting me know how much you enjoy (and/or hate) is always a pleasure of mine.

Fox Estacado.
a hyper-realistic fictional character

This is the combined journal of "Fox" and "Estacado." Two minds, one LJ. Because we/"I" are (am) intrigued by the possibility of blurring all types of distinctions (including, but not limited to: gender, reality/fiction, physical/metaphysical, art/trash, conservative/taboo), the fusion of our two entities shall equate "one." "I" am a product of virtual nuclear fusion, completely seamless, internally exothermic, highly combustible, and possessing expontential energy yield. When Einstein wrote E=mc^2, he had no idea.

In other words, this is the (combined, or not) journal of a twenty-something year-old dichotomous lifefarer, who may or may not be a Master's student, who may or may not be a psychology/behavioral researcher, who may or may not spend too much time pursuing a 6th life in fine arts, who may or may not be a workaholic and manages to take on more projects than the normal person, who may or may not be utterly delightful or mildly insane. If this disturbs you too much but you are nonetheless intrigued, please see "To Friend Or Not To Friend" section, and we can begin a conversation, and you can decide from there. Unfortunately, I will not be able to offer any "time-wasted" refunds or exchanges.

Friending Policy.
is it to be, or not to be?

This journal is partially friends-only. Anyone and everyone can friend for public posts updates (icons, graphics, and art) and Request Festivals (where requests can be made for icons, graphics, art, and other freebies). To friend this journal for the Backstage Experience (photography, more fine arts, more graphics, subthreshold schizophrenic blog thoughts, and more) please see the Revised Friending Policy (Revised July 18, 2008).

Art Usage Policy.
violations may be subject to copyright law...seriously

Icons, Banners, Graphics (all items labeled/described as "free to use")
+ Please do: comment, credit.
+ Please do NOT: hotlink, use on non-LJ sites/forums/blogs, or claim anything as your own

Original Artwork, Photography, Videos
+ Please do: comment, recommend anywhere
+ Please do NOT: hotlink, redistribute, sell for profit, use parts for your own creative byproducts, claim as your own, upload to other sites/services/blogs.
+ All original work is copyright protected and all rights are reserved by original artist

Art Commissions.
bespoke art by a professional, award-winning artist

I am open to considering commissions. Please view this explanation on Commissions, and please email me at foxestacado[at]gmail[dot]com to inquire and begin a discussion on your idea. </i>

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